Rustic farmhouse interior design ideas

An open family room and kitchen where the family eats is designed in a charming farmhouse style that makes it a warm and welcoming heart for the home. The focal point of the kitchen is the ivory wall with a slit-cut carved barn door that evokes the old world charm. The Sari curtains cover the cabinet under the sink giving an eclectic touch. The kitchen and living room are designed for lazy casual meetings with family and friends. Soft shades of beige and white, the living room has vintage chai table with pillows scattered on the carpet. Haveli door dining table kitchen table is located near a vaulted carnival, providing light and warmth inside. Rustic old woods and vintage corbels emphasized with green foliage serving as center pieces.

The bedroom has a chamomile headboard in rustic wood that gives a touch of the bohemians. The handloom cotton linen matches the bed. Sera curtains are draped over the top of the bed and give a romantic feel. The long white curtains hanging from the ceiling make the room feel bigger. A protective door from the barn from Indian old doors gives the unique statement needed. The master bath is a haven of tranquility with Buddha carvings lined over the walls of old sandstone finish giving a nice contrast to the smooth countertops. Double vanity sinks created by a huge Haveli door ladle have a granite top and tool drawers. The recycled oak timber floor continues from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The hall has a large hanging arched window mirror opposite an abstract painting. This gives an illusion of greater space as well as bringing the element into nature. An old hoping breast in distress blue fills the interior.

The old Indian bench in the entrance gives a tidiness of the cottage in the country. The focal point is a three-arch jharokha mirror reminiscent of old days. The rustic table with long console holds extravagant flower arrangements in vintage containers with accelerated columns. An old architectural arch and visible wooden beams give the room a vintage style. Old fashioned bookshelves filled with white porcelain and travel collections add to life in feeling.

Shabby chic style plays with farmhouse design in this charming dining room. A rustic distressed wooden table from old Indian doors is located in the middle of the room. A majestic wagon bench sits at one end of the table and wrought iron chairs on the other side. A collage of rustic design and architecture, farmhouse style furnishings is cozy and complete.